Follow our progress renovating our 15th Century cottage.  We are a family of 5 trying to restore this characterful piece of history and drag it into the 21st Century (albeit kicking and screaming) and that’s just me! We live in a beautiful village within East Sussex and have finally found our forever home. It’s taken 22 years and 5 house moves to get to this point.

We have limited time due to a busy life working and navigating life with 3 teenagers where there never seems to be a dull moment with what they can throw at us, our huskies, Max and Ruby and sadly a limited budget ! We are trying to do as much of the work ourselves (mainly due to my husband’s insistence that he can do everything so why should he pay for it to be done by someone else- is this a Scottish thing?!)  I’m not sure I will come out the other side so thought I would maybe document our ups and downs of the renovation project so the children can look back and realise what hard work it is when you are striving for your dream. Nothing gets handed to you on a plate, if you want it, work for it, it’s that simple.



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